Stowe, VT

Actual Serious Post-by Grundstein/Tournament

Jan 14th, 2014 12:19 PM
Guys. I want to organize a Vermont tournament. I need everyone's opinion about interest and costs. It would be sponsored by the Vermont breweries (4-5 of them) and feature the quality beers in Vermont. The theme would continue to be outrageous subject matter. All teams would compete for "The Baddest Most Inbred Players in Vermont". I'm hoping to have a tournament inside the tournament with the CSEHL and the UVHL facing off on a team by team basis, along with other participants. There would be divisions similar to the Chowder Cup based on skill. Age would be less of a criteria. There would be men's competition, women's and co-ed. I'm hoping NAHA would participate. There would be prizes and presentations. T-shirts for all and different beers after every game included in the registration fee. I'm trying to get all games in Waterbury and Montpelier, so it's central for everyone.
I imagine, if we do this right and are generous with the things included in the fee, we would get teams from Quebec, New England and New York...while having a lot of fun.

Your opinions to "Eternal Jew and Emetic Semitic Goaltender. Bob.
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