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Season 16 Info
  • Start - October 16th, 2018
  • End - March 5th, 2019
  • 14 Regular Season Games
  • 1 Playoff Games
  • 3 Minute Warmups
  • 15 Minute Stop Time Periods
  • Shootout Tie Breakers
  • 2 Referees
  • Stats, Website, Game Write-Ups, Polls, Trash Talk and the best hockey in the region
  • Accident Insured League
Pricing Info
  • Team Fee: $5760.00
  • Team Early Payment(10/1): $5184.00
  • Individual Fee: $384.00
  • Individual Per Game: $20
Refund Policy
The UVHL may, at the discretion of the Board, refund a player their unused portion of the league fees, minus the cost of the credit card and banking fees. Players register for the league knowing full well that injuries, vacation, weather and other unforseen factors may affect their attendance, and agree to pay for the season in full without the chance of refund. One example of a possible refund scenario would be for a player who is removed from a UVHL roster at the Board's discretion for play below the quality desired in the UVHL. However, additional scenarios are unlikely. Players who withdraw voluntarily from the league may transfer their remaining games to another player provided that the replacement player is accepted by the Board and league Captains. Suspended and/or disciplined/expelled players do NOT receive any refund under ANY circumstances whatsoever.
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