RECORD: 9-5-0 GF: 52 GA: 49
Whalers Colors
Kelly Park
The Whalers have a rich history in the UVHL as one of the founding teams in it's inaugural season. Founded in 2004 under the Maple Leafs logo & name, the franchise played 4 seasons before switching to the Whalers insignia. 15 seasons behind them and the Whalers have only managed to put together 2 campaigns with winning seasons and hoisted the legendary Whalen Cup in 2012.

The 2019-2020 Whalers look to improve after a perfect season in which they were perfectly bad going 0-14-0. The epically bad season caused legendary UVHL goaltender Kenny "Kick Save" Lallier to retire after setting the all-time games played record with 282. Lallier, whom managed the Whalers for all 15 years since the inaugural season was a legend and staple in the UVHL. Known for his sweet butterfly style and boisterous personality, he will be missed.

Lallier handed over the Whaler's reigns to Kelly Andrew Park, one of the founders of the UVHL and current co-commissioner. Park's mission is simple...get at least one game...and don't suck! The core of the team was already solid with Ryan "Legend" Longfield, Russ "The Real Deal" Teller, Chuck "The Giant" Gaede, Jason "Yippee Ki Yay" Yehle, Marc "The Narc" Stannard, Pete "The Meat" Scalia, Dan "The Man" Fenton and Park.

The first task at hand was to sign restricted free agent goaltender Tucker "Showtime" Garrity-Hanchett to a long term deal. Showtime filled the gaping hole in net, and Park turned his gaze north towards Lyndonville where he picked up a barber shop quartet of talent in "Pretty" Ricky Golden, "Jumping" Jared Rutledge, "Cruising" Casey Crooks and "Killer" Cole Hunter.

The Whalers are poised for a resurgence and a shot to drink from the Whalen Cup once again.
# Player Pos GP Record GAA Saves Save% PIMs
39Garrity-Hanchett, TuckerG1410-4-03.434100.883%0
# Player Pos GP G A Pts SO SO% PIMs
10Fenton, DanielC13127190
8Scalia, Peter 13612180/10%2
14Stannard, MarcRW1358138
2Fracassi, MattD123586
13Gaede, ChuckD105276
12Park, KellyD93256
27Longfield, RyanD103251/250%0
16Yehle, Jason1223518
0Hunter, Cole 82351/1100%2
88Teller, RussellD131450/10%6
0Marsh, BrianRW22130
17Rutledge, Jared RW92130
26Golden, RichardC1012314
0Romano, RyanC92021/1100%4
6Crooks, CaseyRW80000
0Kebalka, MeghanLW20000
39Garrity-Hanchett, TuckerG140000
Oct 15th9:35PMTCKW 1-3
Oct 29th8:10PMGMBW 3-4
Nov 5th8:10PMLMJW 1-2 SO
Nov 12th9:35PMTCKW 7-3
Nov 19th9:35PMLABW 2-0
Nov 26th8:10PMLMJW 3-4
Dec 3rd8:10PMGMBL 3-4
Dec 10th9:35PMLABL 3-1
Dec 17th8:10PMLMJL 4-7
Jan 7th8:10PMGMBW 2-3
Jan 21st8:10PMLABL 4-6
Jan 28th8:10PMTCKL 7-2
Feb 11th8:10PMGMBW 7-6 SO
Feb 18th8:10PMLMJW 6-3
Feb 25th9:35PMLMJL 3-5
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