RECORD: 2-11-0 GF: 52 GA: 93
Whalers Colors
Ken Lallier
The Whalers (formerly the Leafs) have quite possibly the best jerseys in all the UVHL and look dashing and intimidating in the blue white, and silver of a classic NHL team. The core of this squad are solid veteran goaltender and GM Kenny "The Glove" Lallier, stalwart defenseman Kirt Johnson, and the superb hustling center Joey Hayes. These three anchor the almost revolving door of players on this team over the past 6 seasons. Joining the big three the past few seasons are Chuck Gaede, Chris Gogan, and even some guest appearances by none other than Todd Nalette. Expected returning UVHL rookies from last season are Gary Laperle, Sean Clauson, Jim LeClair, and the most hated player in the history of the UVHL Liam "Sean Avery" Oliver.

One thing can be said about this team: they ALWAYS have the best locker room, have fun win or lose, and own the bar post-game because this is always a quality group of characters and personalities no matter who is on the team in any given year.

New additions for 2009-10 will be plentiful for the Whalers including Barre, VT's own superstar Jay "The Z-man" Zaneloni, Steve Bernier, Zach Aher, Adam Barton, and rumor has it that Colin Vernon will return make more than a few guest appearances on their blueline this season. Will they gel like the Gamblers did and take it all in their first season together? Hmmm...maybe...but it is probably a longshot. However, they have proven time and time again that they can beat any UVHL team on any given night. Spoilers, anyone?
# Player Pos GP Record GAA Saves Save% PIMs
0Lallier, KenG125-6-07.453480.764%0
# Player Pos GP G A Pts SO SO% PIMs
9Quinn, RyanC71113240
88Phillips, Roger 12610160
3Pierce, Dillan C1196152
17Shaw, ScottLW7941314
0Steadman , Cody46392
8Scalia, PeterC132790
25McGovern, Ryan72350
13Gaede, ChuckD81340
10Watters, ChuckLW70444
15Johnson, KirtD110440
12Henderson, John 1004414
1Yehle, JasonD921310
19Kerrigan, James30330
16Cascadden, JoshLW61120
0gogan, chrisC00000
0Watters, Chuck00000
0Quinn, Ryan00000
0Lallier, KenG120000
1Yehle, Jason00000
19, D00000
9Duggan, Evan00000
88Brigham, Ryan00000
8Gauthier, Matt00000
10Avery, MichaelC00000
12, D00000
2rouillard, jasonD70006
4Riley, PatrickLW00000
0Eugstrom, Molly 00000
0Rouillard, Ben 00000
Oct 25th8:00PMLABL 7-4
Nov 1st8:00PMTCKL 6-3
Nov 8th9:25PMLMJL 3-7
Nov 22nd8:00PMGMBL 6-5
Nov 29th9:25PMLABW 2-3
Dec 6th8:00PMLMJL 12-6
Dec 13th9:25PMGMBL 10-13
Jan 3rd8:00PMGMBL 8-2
Jan 10th8:00PMLMJL 8-5
Jan 17th9:25PMTCKW 8-6
Jan 31st9:25PMTCKL 0-10
Feb 7th9:25PMLMJL 0-1
Feb 14th9:25PMLABL 3-7
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