POW Winners

Sorry for the late updates on these POW winners, but here they are. Congratulations to:

The Gamblers Allison Malcolm wins POW for her five point night (3g, 2a) over Tuck in a 13-4 Thumping. Malcolm took home 153 of 267 votes for the win.

The Gamblers rookie Martin Tomanik was the 6th Gambler to win the POW this season for his exceptional play in an 8-1 win over the Brewers. Tomanik, who forgot his skates and had to use those of a player from a previous game, still added a pair of goals and two assists. He received a gaudy 564 votes out of 1034 for the win.

Dead River's Greg "Bin Laden" Feiden won the POW award in epic and uncommon fashion for his dreadful 14 goals allowed on 62 shots against the Gamblers. He pretty much won the award (and beer) because his team was horrible and didn't give him any defensive support against the Gamblers, and ultimately "Bin Feiden" didn't go Jihad on any of his team mates after the loss.

Congrats to Feiden, Tomanik & Malcolm for their wins. You've each also been awarded a case of beer from Long Trail Brewery. Please see Commissioner Shawn McDermott to get for the details on how to obtain your prize!

This week's POWs are now live, with the following Nominees:

Martin Tomanik (GMB) - 2g, 2a in 11-3 Blowout of Nordiques (1 vote)
Barrett, Tim (BRE) 3g Including Game Winning Goal in 6-5 Win Over Whalers (1 vote)
Cherney, Josh (TCK) 4g Including a Shorthanded Goal in 7-3 Win Over Dead River (1 vote)
Ammel, Robert (GMB) 3g, 1a in 11-3 Blowout of Nordiques (1 vote)
Howard, Scott (TCK) 1g, 2a Solid Defense in 7-3 Win Over Dead River (1 vote)

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