Jay Zanleoni Wins POW For 10/22.

Jay Zanleoni takes home the first Player Of the Week(POW) win of the season with his 1 goal & 1 assist performance in a 6-3 loss to the Nordiques.

Big Z accumulated 75 of the 142 votes in the win, beating out John "Temper Tantrum" Turner who had 29 votes for his 38 save performance over Zanleoni and the Whalers.

Coming in 3rd was Tuck's Mike "Wine & Dine" Devine with 13 votes for a 14 save shutout & the Nordique's Eric "Special K" Krivitzky with a goal & assist against the Whalers.

Tuck's John Dawson received 12 votes for scoring the first goal of the UVHL season which ended up being the game winner against Dead River.

With the win, Zanleoni gets a free case of beer from the best Brewery on the planet, Long Trail Brewery.
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