November 5th, 2019 - 8:10PM
Union Arena - Woodstock, VT
Box Score
Game ID: 1375

In the first game of the night we had the Jacks (1-1) hosting the red hot Whalers (2-0). In past seasons its been the Jacks beating up on the Whale but this year it was different with the new and improved Whaler squad.

This game was a penalty fest with a 11 penalties total, most of them called in the 3rd period. Their was only two called in the first period but neither team could cash is in on their chance. In the first the Jacks had a few more opportunities then the Whale but the Whale did what they have done all year, play hard nose hockey. The first period would end with the score 0-0 with the Jacks out shooting the Whalers 12-8.

In the second period the play was pretty even as the Jacks outshot the Whalers again 15-12. Each team had a chance on the PP but again neither could score with the extra skater, however the Jacks did manage to finally get one past Tucker when Z put the Jacks up 1-0 with 3:17 left in the period. The period would end with the score 1-0 as Tucker and Libby stood on their heads again.

In the third the Whalers picked up their play and started taking it to the Jacks. With the hard play both teams were taking chances and you guessed it penalties as well. The period saw 7 penalties total, 4 for the Jacks and 3 for the Whale. As you suspect both teams would get chances but again no body could score on the PP. The Whalers would finally tie the game with 4:33 left in the period on a SHORTHANDED goal from Jared Rutledge. The game would end in a tie as Tucker finished the period with just 6 saves and Libby had 13.

In the Shootout the Whalers went first:

Cole Hunter- deke and a goal
James Backer-no goal
Russ Teller- no goal
Jacks #22- no goal
Ryan Longfield-no goal
Alex B. -no goal

The Whalers win and are now 3-0!!!

Tucker Garrity-Hanchett

GA: 1
SAVE%: 0.971

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